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This page was last updated: January 19, 2014
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About Privatising Nigerian Airports...
It baffles me to read current articles and editorials about possible privatization of international airports in Nigeria because of their deteriorative conditions due to poor operations and maintenance. While it is a little illusive confirming such reports officially, there are certain reports claiming the process of privatization had long been targeted and originated.
Safe and sustainable Aviation industry in Africa: Part 2
By 1985, 80% of sub-Saharan African Countries were under autocratic regimes. The 2009 World Bank data indicates that over 50% are now considered truly democratic. Showing a 12.5% improvement of democratic principles per decade. The new democrats composed of some mutated military rulers. This is slow, but progress in the right direction, nonethe
Safe and sustainable Aviation industry in Africa: Part 1
Aviation is considered a vital tool for economic development in Africa. This becomes more critical considering the level of surface transport development across the continent. It generated around 450,000 jobs and contributed more than $10 billion USD to Africa’s GDP in 2007
The call a new National carrrier is highly misplaced
It is evidently clear that the Nigerian government, politicians and bureaucrats do not have the discipline, public confidence and integrity to initiate and successfully run a national carrier. A cursory reminder of the activities in the last 10 years of the defunct national carrier......
NCAP 2013: A good attempt plagued by undesirable flaws.

The object of good governance is to promote a strong, viable and competitive business environment in the aviation industry. It begins with a process that sees the emergence of acceptable and competent leadership followed by enabling laws that will create the environment for stakeholder engagement and group synergy. A starting point for the ‘System Manager’ is the adoption of sound policies and resilient strategy-planning processes that will extract maximum advantage from strengths and opportunities, whilst mitigating weaknesses and eliminating threats. 

Nigerian Aviation Safety Initiative (NASI) is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation committed to promoting safety, fair play and growth in the Aviation Industry.
Our primary concern is "safety advocacy"; the foundation on which Global aviation is precariously balanced on. 
We work to enhance capacity building and positive stake holder engagement in the sector's developmental actions.
We advise and facilitate achieving of the synergies required to ensure best practices and the emergence of a world class sustainable aviation industry in Nigeria

The entire transport policy for Nigeria needs to be re-written. 
We need clearly defined policies and their respective strategies with specific objectives and time-lines for safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability.We have to be proactive and attempt to address issues at the policy and strategy level. 

The NCAA and the error of weak economic regulation......
It is heart warming to see the Federal government recently found it useful to investigating the state of the industry. I am certain in their findings they will uncover the hidden secret that the level of economic regulation has secondary impact on safety and sustainability of the aviation industry. I therefore feel compelled to air my thoughts on that. I intend to limit my contribution to the airline operators.